Economic Development Evangelist, International Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Investor, Author



Preeminent Economic Development Evangelist, International Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Investor, Author of "Cut the Crap and Close the Gap"


From his family’s farm in Lexington Kentucky to Wall Street, Jim Coleman has delivered stellar results over the last 32 years with Oscar Mayer & Co., Pepsi Cola Company, Altria Corporation, American Express, several entrepreneurial ventures,  and several government and quasi government entities including; the New York State Senate Westchester County New York Industrial Development Agency and the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation


As a senior sales and marketing executive, Jim has negotiated hundreds of complex deals with large multi-billion dollar clients in the meat packing, soft drink, tobacco, financial services and high tech sectors which have all led to over $10 Billion in sales as a direct result of his personal effort and leadership.


Jim achieved the American Dream early in life. He purchased his first home at the age of twenty-five in Lanham, Maryland. He became a senior executive in a large Fortune 500 global corporation by the time he was thirty-eight. He acquired millions of dollars in real estate by the time he was forty-three, and today as a highly sought after motivational speaker, he is committed to helping others achieve the American Dream.   


Jim is committed to serving others, making a big impact, and leaving a legacy that his parents, Cleo and Sam Coleman, would be proud of.  According to Jim, America offers an abundance of unlimited opportunities because the American Dream is real and because America remains the world’s best hope for prosperity for the common man or woman.


All of Jim’s personal accomplishments have been achieved because early in his life, he embraced the precious wisdom and advice of his parents and the many generous Fortune 500 executives, elected officials, and pastors who’ve mentored him, and even at times, tolerated his deficiencies and weaknesses and made him a better man.


Jim’s new book, Cut the Crap and Close the Gap offers a management approach and a practical guide for success on how farmers, small business owners, executives, and managers, as well as not-for-profit executive directors can exceed desired operating results for their organizations. It’s filled with a wide selection of stories that are linked to practical advice and key learnings that can be applied to any situation by the reader.


Jim was raised on his family's farm, Coleman Crest in Lexington Kentucky, which was originally purchased by his great grandfather on March 27, 1888 for $1,200 after he and his family had tilled the farm as slaves. Jim owns Coleman Crest Farm today.  Jim’s incredible business success and travels have taken him from a Kentucky farming community called Uttingertown, to Wall Street to Silicon Valley, to Beijing China and to the Nation’s Capitol.


Jim is a graduate of Howard University with a B.A. Degree in Economics. During his tenure at Howard, Jim was elected President of the Liberal Arts Student Council and was inducted into the Who’s Who Among Students at Colleges and Universities by Dr. James Cheek, President of Howard University. 


Jim is a certified corporate trainer in the Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness, Development Dimensions International and Dale Carnegie leadership development training programs and he is a 2014 graduate of World Wide College of Auctioneering.




“Cut the Crap & Close the Gap” offers a management approach on how business owners or executives can deliver profitable performance for their companies. It’s filled with a wide selection of stories that are all linked to practical advice and key learnings that can be applied to any situation by the reader immediately after reading this book. 

This book is written for business owners, executives, managers, pastors, elected officials, principals, teachers and farmers because it offers a results-oriented practical guide for success.

This book is also an operating guide for parents, not because the author is a parent, but because it is full of battle tested ideas from my parents, Cleo and Sam, on how to raise a successful boy or girl.

And lastly, this book is intended to be a gift of inspiration for anyone who is battling an illness whether physical or mental, or simply facing life’s toughest giants.

"I hope it encourages you to aggressively pursue your dreams and to keep on working towards your desired level of personal and professional success." -Jim Coleman